Window Cleaning Depot

Window Cleaning Depot is a premier e-commerce brand supplying window cleaning supplies across Canada and the GTA.

The client required an E-commerce solution to organize, automate, and simplify their business.


The client approached us to design and build them a functional and optimized website. The website needed to encompass their services and offers and needed to be fully optimized for search engine queries. We were tasked with implementing a scalable inventory management tool into their new platform.

The client required consulting in inventory management, order fulfillment, and e-commerce organization and efficiency. Our team was tasked to assist the client in developing a branding strategy, and organizing a shipping system.

A customer points system would also be integrated into the client’s new platform. A fully automated system was to be integrated into the client’s storefront operations.


Our team used the latest technologies and frameworks to develop and organize a new website for the client. Our design team worked with the client to create a design and creatives that contribute and help to define their overall image. We created a fully realized website that is fast, responsive, and optimized for search engine queries.

A fully functional inventory management tool was implemented into their new platform. The client’s wares are now fully organized and categorized. Our team helped to implement a categorization system so that the client’s operations would run more smoothly, to support their growth and high demand for their services.

We consulted with the client to give them a perfect understanding of e-commerce and inventory operations. The team personally helped to organize the client’s warehouse and implement a SKU system to further streamline their operations.

A shipping system was implemented both in in their warehouse and on their e-commerce platform to reliably fulfill orders and accept returned rental items.

A network of all of the client’s digital tools together was constructed so that their store front and e-commerce operations could operate within one system. We also implemented a point-based customer rewards system on their new platform. These efforts led to an e-commerce and storefront business integrated into one cohesive unit.

Our team fully automated the client’s operations and integrated state-of-the-art software into their new system. We offered training to all of the client’s employees in the proper operation of their new software.


The client’s ecommerce platform, warehouse, and storefront operate cohesively on one unified system. The client’s employees enjoy a seamless working experience with their blended technology.

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