The Performance Management Academy

The Performance Management Academy is a premier online resource for management level training in sales, marketing, and consulting.

The client required a redesigned, intuitive web portal to inspire confidence in their services. Ease of use was a priority. The client required a restructured platform to better allow their users access to the platform, and streamlined operations for their employees.


The challenge was to redesign and optimize the client’s web portal for ease of access and usability. The client offers management training to executive level individuals. The web portal needed to functional perfectly.

The client required an integrated booking and payment system and option for employees to add, remove, and schedule courses in an efficient manner.

Our team needed to reorganize and structure the client’s web portal to meet increased demand and workload.


Our team used advanced technologies and frameworks to optimize the customer facing aspect of the web portal to support ease of use and intuitive navigation. The redesigned, scalable platform offers users a simplified experience.

We restructured the client’s payment system and implemented automation procedures to notify users that their payment and booking had been processed via email.

The client’s platform now allows their team to easily schedule and change available courses instantaneously through the software implemented by our team.


The client’s web portal features an intuitive simplified experience leading to increased consumer satisfaction and repeat registration. The client’s team enjoys a simplified experience and streamlined operations.

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