TAM - found there, bought there!

TAM is an e-commerce marketplace operating primarily in Russia and the Ukraine. They approached us to help them develop a brand with a unique digital identity.

The client was seeking a unique brand identity and recognizable branded image.


The challenge was to construct a brand identity for an Eastern European e-commerce marketplace. The client required a unique brand identity that is instantly recognizable and memorable.


Our team constructed a unique and memorable logo. The company name, TAM, can be pronounced ‘tahm’. In the Russian language, ‘tam’ means ‘there’. Using this our design team blended the company’s name with an image of a t-shirt to construct a unique, marketable, and instantly recognizable logo. As the client are an e-commerce marketplace, our team branded their services in such a way that their customers can say “I bought it there”.


The client received their brand identity and embraced it wholly. TAM is a premier e-commerce marketplace in Russia and Ukraine with an instantly recognizable brand identity.

TAM Branding Presentation

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