Sky - Logistics, Aircraft Maintenance, Engines

Sky is an international logistics/airplane leasing and repair company with operations in Austria, Poland, and Ukraine.

The client requested that our team integrate software into their current website to reconstruct their platform as a web application. The client required a tool to calculate shipping costs, an inventory management system and consultation on the continued use of their new web application.


The challenge was to implement a shipping cost calculator into the client’s preexisting e-commerce website. Our team accessed the client’s platform and integrated a shipping calculator function.

The client required consulting on the optimization of their current platform. Our team discussed with them the best procedures for the continued use of their software following its implementation, and on-boarding procedures for new employees unfamiliar with the program.

We integrated an inventory management system into their system to streamline their operations, to benefit both employees and customers.


A web application was constructed from a preexisting website. The client now benefits from reduced quote generation lead times. Using the expertise gained from our consultation services, the client implemented new on-boarding procedures which further reduce lead times.

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