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Sir WineBot Digital Sommelier
Sir WineBot Overview


Developed initially as a Slack integration, Sir WineBot is a chat bot that offers its users information about wine, as well as some other interesting features, through the use of humour and a branded personality. Sir WineBot is a personal digital sommelier for millennials and everyone else who can take a joke and likes wine, food, and film.

Sir WineBot bottle-info command
Learn more about wine via /bottle-info command


We realized that there are many people who enjoy wine, but the majority of them know very little about it. Sir WineBot is our attempt at helping younger generations to engage with wine. Wine culture is perceived as something for older people, the very rich, and the already initiated. Sir WineBot attempts to convince everyone that wine is for them! Wine is a part of our global history and should be enjoyed as such.

Sir WineBot movie-night command
Pair a bottle with a movie using /movie-night command


The challenge was to create a fun and interesting bot that could engage with users in a familiar way. The bot had to be knowledgable and informative while remaining user friendly and forward. For these reasons, we chose to develop the bot as a free Slack integration.

Engaging with younger audiences is a challenging topic. To surmount this, we developed a unique brand of humour, that is both intellectual and relatable. Sir WineBot uses cultural references and situational humour to engage with the largest possible audience.

Developing a brand is a unique challenge. Developing a brand in a completely new segment is even more difficult. To accomplish this, our team designed Sir WineBot from the ground up with one direction in mind. This direction helped to dictate how the design would look, and how the bot would perform. Our team built the bot around its brand.

Sir WineBot spin-bottle command
Spin the bottle to decide on duties using /spin-bottle command
Sir WineBot wine-cellar command
Store your favourite wines in your cellar via /wine-cellar command


Sir WineBot is a uniquely branded, original, one-of-a-kind application. Available currently as a Slack integration, Sir WineBot holds such great potential that it is currently being worked into a Google Home app. Sir WineBot is poised to be the default source of wine related information millennials will consult before making a purchase.

Sir WineBot Branded Business Cards

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