Original Luxury - exclusive European fashion

Original Luxury is a luxury segment e-commerce site that bring exclusive European clothing brands to Canada. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Original Luxury is a premier dealer of Luxury Accessories.

The client was seeking an optimized e-commerce platform and stunning website to service its customers, and strategic planning for brand development.


The challenge was to create a stunning and organized e-commerce platform and engaging, detailed website. Our team developed a beautiful, responsive, and optimized website using the latest technologies and frameworks.

Optimizing a website with hundreds of strategies can prove to be a challenge. Our team developed a new approach to properly catalogue and input the information onto the client’s platform. The client requested that we develop a branding strategy for their services. Our team outlined a marketable strategy, and their web-store receives hundreds of visitors daily.


Our team delivered. The client’s website is intuitive, fast, and responsive. Its impeccable design and optimized entries accrue hundreds of daily visitors. Our strategic branding strategy has solidified the client as a reputable dealer of luxury European clothing and accessories.

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