Harmen Design

Harmen Design is a premier firm located in Toronto, Ontario. Harmen Design provides world-class interior design, 3D rendering, Home Staging, and Architecture.

The client needed a new branded website to showcase their marvellous work. Their redesign process was highly successful. Their new logo, brand, and website contribute to their outstanding reputation.


The challenge was to construct an outstanding and scalable website that would inspire confidence in visitors and potential clients. Our team also needed to develop a remarkable branding strategy and awe inspiring extended visuals to establish the client as the de facto service provider in their region.


Developing a brand for an established client is no easy feat. Bearing in mind the client’s own history and brilliant works, our design team created stunning extended visuals that perfectly convey the client’s positioning and high-end services. The client’s new logo was constructed to convey a sense of trust and minimalism. One need not carry more when you they excel with less.

The website was created using the latest technologies and frameworks. Built for scale and ease of access, the client’s website incorporates their own stunning design language, optimized in a digital space. Using original designs and trusted templates, our team built the client a website that perfectly outlines their positioning and solidifies their place as a market-leader.


The client’s website, branding strategy, and logo have redefined their business. Showcasing their impeccable work, the client is able to convey exactly who they are and exactly what they can do. And what they do they do very well.

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