Deskree is a scalable project management tool built using advanced technologies to simplify collaboration experiences for students and business teams. Developed as an in house project and tool, Deskree now has hundreds of users across varying industries.

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Researching productivity tools, the team found that many project management tools have many features in common, but not one platform offered a virtual one-stop-shop experience. We sought to remedy that. The Deskree project management tool offers a variety of top-level features, integrations, and benefits rivalling the most prolific programs available on the market.

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The challenge was to create a fully scalable, intuitive, feature packed, and responsive project management platform. This challenge was met with drive and anticipation by our team. Using advances technologies and frameworks, the Deskree project management tool began to unfold. Designing a UI that could be easily recognized and used by its users proved to be a task. Following through on careful planning, the Deskree UI started to take shape. Over time, it morphed into the stunning and responsive tool it is today.

Deskree is loaded with a plethora of innovative and convenient features. It proved to be difficult but nonetheless our team succeeded in creating a world-class platform, poised to be an industry leading software solution.

Scalability is one of the highlights of Deskree. Deskree was designed to be fully scalable for any industry. Deskree’s architecture, although challenging to build, can successfully support millions of active users.

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The world now has a fully scalable, feature rich, and intuitive project management tool. Our team developed a unique architecture that can support millions of active users. Deskree actively builds teams and makes working on projects much more convenient.

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