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CTOR was developed in the USSR by Mathematics and A.I. researcher Dr. Bronn. Over 100,000 original copies sold. CTOR is a strategy game from the same family as Chess and Go. A new addition to this family of globally-renowned strategy games has not emerged in over 1000 years. CTOR: Brain Strategy is the digital version of this classic game, updated and refreshed for the 21st century. CTOR uses complex mathematical principles to construct a 3D space on a 2D playing field.


CTOR, as it was before we began working with its creator Dr. Vladimir Bronnikov, was a time capsule to Eastern Europe before the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Our challenge was to transform CTOR into modern world as a mobile game. Our client’s vision is to bring CTOR to a global audience, to get as many players as possible to enjoy his revolutionary game.


The first thing that needed to be done was to develop a plan. To fully realize our client’s vision, CTOR would need to be simple to play and easy to understand, in addition it would have to look fresh and attractive. Our team designed a user interface that is eye catching, familiar, intuitive, and simple. Using advanced tools, we programmed CTOR’s complex algorithm and CTOR: Brain strategy was born.

CTOR would need to reach as many people as possible to be the revolution it deserves. To solve this, we implemented a unique style of gameplay with engaging features that promote continued play across platforms. CTOR: Brain Strategy is unique in today’s mobile game market as it requires that its players use their brains as a weapon to fight their opponents. User engagement is partially achieved through the rush players feel upon learning new strategies and solving complex computational problems.

Our team implemented a multiplayer mode with a global leaderboard so that players can score their brains with other players the world over.


CTOR: Brain Strategy is a 21st century update of a classic game. CTOR: Brain Strategy is available on the App Store, where its exposure is potentially unlimited. CTOR: Brain Strategy is a fully realized project which required our team to implement innovative changes to an original classic.

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