Aurum - North America's Largest Window Cleaning Company

Aurum is a renowned window cleaning company operating within the GTA.

Steadily gaining a reputation for excellent service, the client sought to simplify its internal operations.


Our task was to assist the client by implementing an asset management tool. We were tasked to organize their internal inventory, and to implement a tool to track their equipment across all employees and contractors. Furthermore we were to automate the process, helping the company to solidify its position as the market leader.


Our team worked closely with the client’s management team to restructure their internal operations. We offered our advice on how to properly structure and control the inventory turnover for internal operations. We implemented an assets management tool to help the client track all of its equipment, its condition, and location. In addition, we helped to automate the client’s existing processes and the changes we helped to implement to ensure that the client could continue to grow.


The client’s business has grown steadily, benefiting from their now streamlined operations. The implemented tools function to minimize lead and response times both within the company and in communication with their customers.

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