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Deskree Studio is a premier software development agency in Toronto, Canada. A trusted development partner, our domestic and international experience brings the world of advanced IT to your business

  • We are boutique software development agency in Toronto's Tech ecosystem

  • Cut down on operational costs by saving time and money with advanced software solutions we build specifically for the needs of your business

  • Together with our client partners, we come up with innovative digital products to increase revenue, engage with customers in new ways, and set bold new trends in the market

  • Our agency will become a part of your team for every project

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We are well versed across many industries

We have worked with many companies at many levels of growth from startups to enterprise ventures in many industries. Here are just a few examples.




Business Services











And more...

automate your business. save time and money.

Business Operations

Long hours and large amounts of labour go in to every operational day. Our team can help your business cut down on these types of expenditures by implementing state of the art digital systems, improving the efficiency of your operations.

  • We transform pen and paper companies into modern digital ventures

  • Digitalize your company's operations using advanced digital tools such as CRM systems and Employee Management Software, fully integrated into one centralized system

  • Automate your business to a new level to save precious time, cut costs, and eliminate the possibility of human error

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Customers care when you care  

Sales & Customer Engagement

Be the most customer focused brand in your industry. We will work with you as a partner to develop and implement unique engagement strategies and digital products. It takes more than tech, it takes an expert team working with you to design innovation from the ground up.

  • Customer facing mobile apps let you be close by 24/7. Leverage VR & AR technologies to reinvent the realities of client service

  • Revitalize your customer experience through advanced chat bots and voice engaging assistants to develop unique and cutting edge ways of interacting with your customers

  • Differentiate your brand from the competition in a crowded market and benefit from increased revenue generated by heightened consumer buzz

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Give your customers an experience

Websites With a WOW Effect

There are few tools as misunderstood as the website. A website operates as a brand ambassador conveying what your company values most, setting it apart from the crowd. Prolific companies leverage web design as the first step in outbound marketing. A fine piece of art will draw crowds, and digital artwork can be just as impactful. Mesmerize your customers. If they take a second look, they will never look back.

  • We will research your industry and develop a creative solution that will position you as a leader in your specific industry

  • Creative websites are clean, easy to navigate and use, and beautifully animated to convey a sense of quality

  • Use your website to enhance your business’ digital branding through customer experience

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Invest in the big picture

R&D & High-Tech

World changing technologies come as a result of the R&D process. Combining advanced modern technologies such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Artificial intelligence with fascinating new ideas opens the doors to decades of market growth. Finding new uses for technologies can overhaul your operations, improve products, or revitalize your industry. Through the power of information technologies, you can become the next great innovator.

  • We draw on a wealth of experience. From livestream technology to computer vision, we use modern technology to set new standards

  • We never back down from a challenge. We live to solve problems. Sometimes the strangest sounding ideas give way to the greatest breakthroughs

  • R&D leads to amazing new products and services, a great ROI, and a top market position. Start today, lead tomorrow

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What we offer


Web Apps

From the ground up, our custom designed web application services are developed to be extraordinary both visually and functionally.

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Mobile Apps

We expertly craft applications for both iOS and Android devices. Our digital artisans are among the best in the industry.

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Custom Software

You can have faith that everything we produce is world-class, and will set your organization miles above the competition. We take pride in our continued commitment to excellent software.

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Branding & UI/UX

We custom design logos, brand names, and visuals your customers can easily recognize and will never forget. Businesses cannot be heard without being seen, and with our services your image will be as bright as your company’s future.

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Full Service Agency

We live to solve problems, and research is always our first step. We actively prepare to assist in client satisfaction, streamlined operations, employee satisfaction, or anything your business needs to realize success and continued growth.
We solve problems by creating custom software. Everything we produce is specifically tailored to help your business thrive. We continuously support our products so your company can focus on what it does best.

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  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Custom Software
  • Branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • E-commerce
  • Websites & Web Portals

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