Canada has exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Opening a business can be intimidating, but there are many benefits to owning a business that outweigh the drawbacks. Whatever your reasoning, whether it be for something to do, to build up the business and sell it, simply to make money, or whatever other though process you are experiencing, opening a business in Canada is worth the trouble in these exciting times.

The Canadian economy is on a significant upturn, and there are various governmental grants and perks to owning a business. If you are not a resident of Canada and are hoping to relocate and become an entrepreneur, the Canadian government offers a startup visa program for newcomers to Canada. The Government of Canada offers plenty of information on grants and loans on their website, there are many categories to select, for more information click here. The Canadian Government gives out grants to residents of Canada including indigenous peoples, and female entrepreneurs. There are various startup awards available in Canada, get your name out there!

Becoming an entrepreneur can lead to many great things, from personal success, to owning a successful corporation, to innovating your industry and going down in the history books. Let’s look at a few examples of industry innovation.


Wealthsimple is a Toronto-based startup company that has revolutionized investment. On their platform, users experience straight-forward financial planning and investment opportunities, all via the internet. Wealthsimple allows their customers to save and invest money with little to no downside and with minor financial risk. Users can “invest their spare change” or enjoy a fixed 2% savings rate. Wealthsimple does not charge for transactions or transfers, meaning that their customers are in charge of their money and are not locked into long-term investments as was the industry standard previously. Beginning as a startup, CEO Michel Katchen has grown his business to new heights and his company is poised to become the default investment platform for millennials in Canada. By running the company as a tech company and not as an investment firm, Wealthsimple has completely changed the game, bringing actual results to their customers.

Industry innovation in Canada is at an all-time high. More and more companies are making names for themselves every day. It is not too late to get in on the trend, it is really only beginning and now is the perfect time to start your dream business.


Another Toronto-based company, Stackadapt, is rapidly growing. Truly an innovative company, Stackadapt optimizes online advertisement for marketing and ad agencies. Stackadapt’s streamlined approach to advertisement has allowed them to become one of the most sought after firms in Canada. Stackadapt has a great deal of experience with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. By modelling human behaviour, they have developed advanced algorithms that predict what ads users will interact with on what platform. They have revolutionized and innovated an already revolutionary environment. In 2018, Stackadapt doubled in size and are continuing to grow.

By becoming an innovative entrepreneur in Canada, you can help the Canadian economy flourish in new and unforeseen ways. Developing ideas into reality is what Canadian entrepreneurs do best. Why not add your name to the list of successful Canadians? Innovation comes in many shapes and forms across many market sectors, whether it be finance as in the case of Wealthsimple, or ML, AI, and digital advertisement as in the case of Stackadapt. Whatever your goals may be, becoming a successful business owner in Canada has never been easier or more promising.

Thalmic Labs:

Possibly one of the most anticipated entries on this list is Thalmic Labs. Their innovative product, Focals by North, combines conventional eyewear with the latest in Augmented Reality technology. The prospects for AR at this point in time seem nearly limitless. Focals allow users to interact with the world in a unique way. The glasses give directions, read text messages, give reminders, and even interface with Amazon’s voiced assistant, Alexa. By taking an ordinary everyday object and making it extraordinary, Focals are changing the way we see the world.

From financial tools, marketing software, and augmented reality accessories, the startup climate in Canada is unlike anywhere else in the world. The time to innovate is now. With grants and financing available across Canada, the opportunities are out there and they honestly are not that hard to find. Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is a right that people are exploring in new and unique ways. It has never been easier or more beneficial to open a business in Canada.

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