Being successful in aviation comes from no small amount of hard work and dedication. Long hours and large amounts of labour go in to every operational day. Warehouses and shipping hubs within the aviation industry stock and transfer thousands of parts and products daily, but smooth operations can come at a cost. This cost is due in part to a lack of modern, technology-based, efficiency. Inventory management tools, CRM systems, and an up to date, modern-styled website can help to secure the future of smaller firms within the aviation industry. By streamlining operations and keeping their infrastructure relevant, aviation companies in Canada can experience a new level of success over the next few years.

In Canada, much of the business conducted within the aviation industry is still done using pen and paper practises. This increases the time necessary to review completed tasks, order new supplies, conduct payroll, draft purchasing orders, and many other areas of operations under the scope of a business. This is not a viable strategy in terms of ensuring the vitality of your business over the next decade.  

cassette tapes on a wooden tv stand
What was once state of the art technology gathers dust. It's time to advance!

The world is going digital, and that is an unavoidable fact. The digital world has its own customs and expectations that evolve as rapidly as the aviation industry itself. Preferred designs and features change on a predictable basis, and companies need to adapt to these style changes to be taken seriously by new and prospective clients. When looking for a service provider, most individuals turn to online searches as a method of first contact to assess a business before they even consider picking up the phone.

Websites are one of, if not the most important investment a modern company can make in terms of outward infrastructure.

Current web design is absolutely crucial in securing new clients. Websites can be well designed and just as informative. It is how the information is presented that makes or breaks a deal. A website operates as a brand ambassador. By differentiating your brand form the competition, customers will be more likely to remember your business in the future. By presenting prospective customers with a striking website, you demonstrate your commitment to your own infrastructure. A company that commits to themselves commits to their clients. It is best to send the right message.

boxes on steel bracketed shelves
Inventory can quickly pile up and get lost without an efficient tracking system.

Inventory management is another crucial factor governing success in an ever changing industry. Recent advances in operations technology have permitted for a degree of automation to become mainstream. With the proper tools in place, all inventory, purchasing, payroll, scheduling, memos, or any other similar operation can be automated and access on a variety of devices. The cross platform capability of modern technology allows business owners to run their businesses from anywhere at any time. And with advances in voiced assistant technology, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, these operations can even be hands-free and voice activated.  Proper inventory management systems can integrate with most IT systems currently in use, and if a system is too far out of date, data migration is easier than ever with the boon of modern cloud data storage, so no system is too obsolete to be updated. The integration of these systems goes two ways; they can interface with systems that are already in place, as well as accept additional programs now or in the future to ensure that your system is always relevant. Largely, inventory management is done via Excel or another similar program. Although spreadsheet software cuts down on the amount of time needed to complete a task, it can be made even faster through automation.

man sitting with a stylus and tablet
Cross-platform data systems keep you up to date from anywhere at any time.

An automated sheet keeps track of incoming and outgoing data instantly so your sheets are always up to date down to the minute. Advanced systems go a few steps further by only presenting relevant data, so business owners can make decisions much faster than ever before.

Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM, is a necessity in the business world, for use both internally and externally. CRM platforms allow businesses to track sales and respond to customer inquiries very quickly with as little human input as possible. Top quality CRM tools are also cross-platform so business owners can enjoy the same type of connectivity with their external operations as they enjoy in their internal operations with advanced inventory management tools.

Automation is a great way to streamline a business’ operations, cut costs, and reinvest in infrastructure to build a foundation for rapid growth and business development.