As we touch-down on the mid-point of 2019, it has become increasingly clearer and apparent over the past couple of years that a sizable paradigm shift is taking place in buying behaviors and trends. We need only look back 2-3 years before to see how far we have superseded years prior. With such a paradigm moving full throttle, one of the most notable parts of that shift is Generation Z and how they are driving today's buying trends.

Unlike generations, prior – X and Y, Generation Z is the first of its kind to be largely raised in the digital medium – Digital, mobile, social, all readily accessible with a data connection and a need or want. Not only has Generation Z shown us how to accomplish more with less, but Z has also paved the way to get an end result with minimal effort. Further driving burgeoning digital assistance, voice command market adoption, and, in due course, buyer automation.

Like nothing we've seen prior and with real-time data delivery, the emergence brought forth by the likes of Google Home, Siri and Alexa are not just unparalleled but a game changer for how the everyday consumer will purchase, interact, source, and engage with a purchase. Looking past the basics of "Weather", "Music Playlist" and "News" voice commands, we are looking at what could be another industrial type revolution being driven by innovation, modern commerce buying trends and ultimately, instant, immediate, demand.

Businesses such as Deskree Studio are pushing that very envelope with their digital sommelier, Sir WineBot. With WineBot wine enthusiast have access to search of more than 3 million bottles of wine, consumers can learn in an engaging manner while being supplied the most relevant and up-to-date information. Forthcoming integrations for voice assistant platforms will revolutionize how a projected market share of approximately 7 million individuals purchase, wine, spirits, beer, etc., an organization can educate and simplify purchases for their buyers, users will have access to stock availability, research, and, receive alternative recommendations all by voice interaction, all of which will further enhance the buyer experience and consumer satisfaction.

In a modern day where "Time" is a currency, today's buyer technology-versed or not will be able to educate, source, locate in near real-time by voice before a purchase is made and in an engaging and an even more convenient manner. The same way the interstates and freeways allowed people to travel cross-country or how the telephone revolutionized communication, voice command is set to define how consumers will buy.