17 changes coming with iOS 13

Every so often Apple graces us with an iOS update, and this one is promising. Not only does it boast faster speeds, more convenient downloads, and swipe texting, the new update coming this fall is packed full of incredible features to make your inner techster giggle.

  1. Speed
  2. Dark Mode
  3. Siri Updates
  4. Photo and Video Editing
  5. Photos Tab
  6. Video Editing
  7. Home Security Footage
  8. Location Controls
  9. Maps Update
  10. AirPods Update
  11. Memoji Update
  12. Swipe Keyboard
  13. Reminders
  14. Smart Lists
  15. Updates to Car Play
  16. Augmented Reality
  17. Sign into Apps using AppleID
We’ll go over the above features in this article, but for an exhaustive list of the upcoming changes and features, check out the original Apple release here.

iOS speed upgrades
iOS is up to 30% faster

1. Speed. iOS 13 is up to 30% faster than iOS 12.

In this fall’s update, Apple has boosted iOS by up to 30%. Face ID will unlock 30% faster, and smaller app store packaging means faster downloads and data savings. Apps are now up to 50% smaller at launch and up to 60% smaller with future updates. This is great news for users with smaller internal storage numbers as well as those of us who never seem to be able to stop downloading new apps.

Dark mode iOS 13
Dark Mode is coming to iOS

2. Dark mode. iOS 13 features dark mode, which Apple claim will integrate seamlessly across iPhone’s processes.

Dark mode on iOS 13 can be accessed through the control centre. It can also be set to automatically trigger at a certain time. “Hey Siri, dark mode.”

3. Siri is getting an update as well with built-in shortcuts and voice recognition.

Siri on iOS 13 promises to be more useful than in the past. Now with the ability to recognize voices, Siri can make recommendations based on who is talking. Now the entire can have a personalized Siri experience on HomePod. Not only does Siri integrate more fluidly with HomePod, because it recognizes voices, requests for playlists or calendars trigger the appropriate AppleID, meaning you no longer have to listen to someone else’s “in the shower” playlist.

iOS 13 features video editing
You can now edit videos on iOS 13

4. Editing photos and video is better on iOS 13.

You can now adjust the intensity and position of lighting effects in your photos. With this tool, you can sharpen the look of eyes and smooth facial features. You can also add monochromatic effects to your portraits. This time the future really is black and white.

5. iOS 13 is implementing a new photos tab.

The new photos tab will curate your pictures daily, weekly, and monthly. You own personalized curated photos, showing the best moment and pictures of your daily life.

6. Video editing is new on iOS 13.

You can edit videos on iOS 13 using many of the features you can use to edit photos. Now you can rotate, crop, and auto-enhance your video experience.

home security footage on icloud
Home Security footage is uploaded to iCloud

7. Home Security footage is automatically uploaded to iCloud at no extra cost.

If you have an iCloud subscription, you can automatically upload your home security footage to the cloud without incurring any extra storage charges. Furthermore, you can choose not to share the footage with others on your Apple home, keeping your security private.

8. Location controls have been updated.

With recent concerns being based so heavily on security, iOS 13 has made some updates. iOS 13 comes with additional privacy and transparency features to keep your data out of the hands of evil-doers. You can now choose to allow apps to access your location only once, and your permissions in general are more protected.

iOS 13 features a Maps update
Maps are getting a mush needed update

9. Maps has been overhauled in 3D and now supports a 360° experience.

You can now be immersed in cities on iOS 13 with Maps’ new 360° feature. Maps are also now much more defined and detailed so you can see your house from within your house. You can now build favourite lists of all the best spots in the city and share them with your friends. And your favourite spots work anywhere! So if you or your friends travel, share lists and compare sights!

10. Apple has done away with the headphone splitter.

iOS 13 now allows you to pair two sets of AirPods on one device, so you can watch a movie or listen to music with a friend. Siri will also be able to read your text messages aloud through your AirPods so you can receive your messages hands free.

11. Memojis are now customizable.

If you have an iPhone X or newer, you are probably familiar with Memojis. Now they are fully customizable, you can choose from things like piercings, hats, glasses, hair styles and colours. Apple claims there are nearly 1 trillion combinations so your Memoji will be truly unique. Memojis can be used Im Messages, emails, and other 3rd party applications found on the App store. You can also customize your contact information and share it. Your Memoji will be displayed, as well as a handle you set for yourself!

12. Swipe keyboard. Finally.

With this update, iPhone users can finally swipe-type without having to download a 3rd party keyboard.

13. Reminders are more functional than ever.

In iOS 13, reminders are fully integrated with Siri, and Siri can now make suggestions based on your reminders as well as suggest that a reminder be created while typing a message. Reminders now have an updated quick toolbar. The toolbar adds dates, times, locations, flags, photos, and scanned documents.

14. Smart Lists automatically organize reminders.

New on iOS 13 is the ability to automatically organize reminders and group them. They can be grouped by flagged, scheduled, and today.

15. Car play has been updated with a fresh minimalistic look.

In an effort to keep your eyes on the road, Apple Car Play is much more minimalistic and functional. Siri can now remind you of your next appointment through Car Play. You can simply tap to view your calendar as well. You can now easily get directions to a meeting, or easily call in to it. All new for iOS 13, Apple Music now shows album art. Perfect for those long-haul trips!

16. iOS 13 supports advanced augmented reality.

With AR forcing its way into the mainstream, it is becoming ever more popular among consumers and developers. Apple listened and brought an updated AR package to iOS 13. Augmented Reality applications on iOS now can naturally place object in the foreground and background. This of course leads to a much more immersive experience.

17. The ability to sign into apps using AppleID.

In iOS 13 you will be able to sign into applications and websites using your existing AppleID. Apple has gone one step further, however. You can also choose to sign up for new services using a uniquely generated email that will automatically forward to your current inbox. Apple will not track the new email address either, so it is very secure.

And that sums up the majority of the changes you can expect as an end-user with iOS 13. Plenty of things have been updated and are coming this fall. From more detailed Maps, to a more functional Siri, to faster speeds and a swipe keyboard. iOS 13 promises to be the best iOS to date. The only downside is we all have to wait until fall to try it out.