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Our Story

We are a Toronto-based software development company that began as a start-up and our company culture is very much based around this mentality. In working as a development studio, we have designed web applications, mobile applications, and custom software for various international and domestic companies across a variety of industries.

Our talented team is not industry specific because we love building new and innovative things. In everything we do we are striving to make our work a minimally industry-standard and maximally perfect. All of our works are tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

We create fully scalable architectures using the latest technologies and frameworks. Our team is a multicultural mish mash of talented and creative individuals who are driven to provide the best services and products to our clients.

Our Mission

Our Mission


taying on the cutting edge of industry innovation places companies in a unique position to be first in their respective industries. Leaders realize the dream of being a success.

We are a studio that believes in innovation, success, and dreams. Custom software solutions and the digitalization of brick and mortar companies make these dreams come true.

How We Work


Step 1. Research

Due diligence shouldn’t be the exception. To provide the best experience and best service, our team will fully research your company, your competition, and how to implement the most successful solution. Improperly researched ideas have little chance of success. We do not take chances with your business.


Step 2. Prototype

A usable proof of concept isn’t good enough. Successful companies stem from a properly developed and researched Minimum Viable Product. Your MVP is the gateway to the growth of your company. We prototype your product in several phases. The perfect execution and development of an idea comes from a fully realized MVP.


Step 3. Design

After the prototype is completed and tested on the target audience it is crucial to create functioning design guidelines for the future product. These guidelines will later be turned into the actual design suitable for the needs of the final product.


Step 4. Development

With a fully realized MVP and clear design in hand, the next step is to move on to development. Employing the most advanced technologies and innovative frameworks, our team will craft the ultimate realization of your MVP into a fully viable digital product that is ready for market success. Fully scalable architecture provides the best possible solution to capitalize on the growth of your product.

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