Now No-Code

Dear Deskree Studio Customers,

It has been our greatest pleasure to serve you throughout the years. At all times, Deskree Studio had been striving to provide every single client and stakeholder with the most innovative and exceptional service possible.

Now begins a new chapter in the history of our company. In 2021, our company has released a unique new product that allows anybody to generate a complete Back-End for any app under 10 minutes and without a single line of code.

Starting from September 01, 2021 we will no longer will be providing branding or software development services to the general public. For all the existing and new clients who are seeking customer software development, we will be pleased to provide it under Enterprise plan on our new platform. For all Enterprise requests, please contact us at

We want to thank you for supporting us throughout the years and we are looking forward to have you as the customer on our new platform!

Deskree studio team